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Real Estate Developers

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How Bandhoo’s PLM helps you digitally run your Procurement and Projects


As a Contractor, you can get many benefits by using Bandhoo’s solution and services


बंधू ऐप पर ठेकेदार आइटम रेट के टेंडरों का काम ले सकते हैं |

श्रमिक / वर्कर

श्रमिक बंधू ऐप पर अपने मन मुताबिक दिहाड़ी का काम प्राप्त कर सकते हैं |

Material Suppliers

Get access to material supply RFQs (Tenders) from clients

Home Owners

You can find good quality contractors to build your dream home

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Welcome To Bandhoo

About Us

Bandhoo’s mission is to help increase income opportunities for construction Workers and Contractors.
India has nearly 70 million construction workers – masons, painters, welders, electricians, plumbers, crane operators, JCB operators, bar benders – doing short gigs across a wide spectrum of projects. Many sectors use them – Real Estate, Factory construction, Power Plants, Infrastructure, etc. More than 30% of these workers are migrant and nomadic.

Bandhoo’s mission is to help make this labour market transparent and efficient, thereby helping Contractors find workers more easily, and workers find jobs more conveniently. This venture has the potential to deliver significant social impact and that remains a driving motivation for the Bandhoo team.

Bandhoo makes life simpler for Builders, Contractors, Material Suppliers, Architects, Foremen, and Workers

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Digital Shramik Awards

Every week we select a Digital Shramik - a construction worker - who is gifted with a SmartPhone...We want to digitize India's workers. You can help