For Contractors

How a Project Team benefits from Bandhoo

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For Contractors

As a Contractor, you can get many benefits by using Bandhoo’s solution and services. 

You can:

  1. Fully digitize your entire Procurement and save costs on materials
  2. Search for small contractors and thekedars who are willing to work at your rates
  3. Search for worker teams who can work on daily wage basis
  4. Digitally manage your Projects 

Construction Contractors and EPC companies

Construction contractors is a very broad and diverse segment that covers very large companies (e.g., L&T, Tata Projects, Shapoorji Pallonji) and very small, petty contractors who work with a small team of 4-5 workers. Bandhoo can be helpful to all kinds of construction contractors in terms of helping them execute their projects at lower costs and in lesser time.

The functionalities that are available to this segment are:

  1. Issuing tenders for subcontracting to get lowest possible price quotes from reliable and good quality subcontractors. Tenders can be posted as Labour only or Labour plus Material contracts depending on user requirements
  2. Submitting EOI (Expression of Interest) and Quotations
  3. Issuing tenders for building material purchases to get lowest possible price quotes
  4. Posting worker jobs and hiring them against those jobs
  5. Project reporting integrated with project billing

Large contractors have stringent requirements of qualification for picking their subcontractors and material suppliers. Bandhoo supports large contractors in configuring their list of pre-qualified subcontractors and material suppliers.

Bandhoo supports multiple types of tendering process:

  1. Buyer can do a real-time tender, like a reverse auction, where bidders are only allowed to reduce their bids in real-time
  2. Buyer can do a multi-round tender such that every time a bidding round ends, the buyer can decide whether he/she wants to start another follow-on round to further reduce price quotes
  3. Buyer can do a confidential bidding round, which means nobody gets to the see the bid values until the bid deadline has elapsed

Facility Management Companies

Facility Management Companies can benefit from Bandhoo in three ways:

  1. Procure repair and maintenance services (e.g., Electrical, Plumbing, Painting, Flooring, Carpentry, Masonry) from high quality SME contractors
  2. Procure building materials and consumables of all kinds
  3. Hire good quality workers reliably – electricians, plumbers, painters, masons, carpenters

Bandhoo Benefits and Advantages

  1. Easy, Convenient and Smart procurement for all things construction – services and materials
  2. Complete transparency in the procurement cycle
  3. An integrated system that manages various contractors, subcontractors and building material suppliers.
  4. Access to a large base of SME contractors across India
  5. Access to a large base of construction material suppliers across India
  6. Easy and impactful Daily Project Reporting and Construction Management
  7. One Mobile App for all things construction – subcontracting, material procurement, worker hiring, project reporting